What Paint Colors Go Well Together?

Color – from the timeless classics to trendy and edgy – it’s easy to use paint to add pizzazz to any room in your home. Color has the power to evoke a mood, bring emotions into play, and tell a story – it can make a room feel sophisticated, happy, serene, cozy, or energetic. 

With almost unlimited choices, choosing colors can be confusing and even stressful. That’s why Great Guys Painting steps in – to help you understand which paint colors go well together so you can elevate the character and mood of any room in your home. 

The Color Basics

Before you go to the trouble and expense of painting, it’s a good idea to understand the science behind the color wheel. Color theory can help you make the best choices when selecting which colors go well together. The easiest way to picture how color works is to envision the three primary colors on a wheel or clock – yellow at 12:00, red at 4:00, and blue at 8:00. 

When primary colors are combined, they create secondary colors: yellow and red make orange, red and blue make purple, and blue and yellow make green. When primary and secondary colors are combined, they create tertiary colors. These colors can be grouped as follows:

  • Monochromatic colors consist of one base hue in various shades, tones, and tints. For example, red, scarlet, and maroon are monochromatic colors.
  • Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, yellow, yellow-green, and green are analogous colors.
  • Complementary colors are opposites on the color wheel: red is opposite of green, purple is opposite from yellow, and blue is opposite of orange. 

And remember – colors have temperatures.

  • Warm – The yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, and earth colors are warm colors that you’d associate with fire, sunlight, and the desert. They make a room feel warm and cozy.
  • Cool – The blues and greens are considered cool colors and are reminiscent of rivers, pools, the ocean, the sky, forests. The cool colors can make a space feel fresh and airy.
  • The neutrals – white, black, grays, tans, and browns – can enhance a room as a background color.
  • Balance – Color temperatures have a direct affect on mood and therefore on the vibe of a room. Colors in the same temperature family create a pleasing balance. 

Color Names

Each paint manufacturer names their colors differently. One manufacturer’s Sky Blue can be totally different from another’s because they’re made from different formulas. Identifying colors by their formula is less subjective than by their name. Great Guys Painting uses Pantone’s color formulas to help describe which paint colors go well together. 

Monochromatic Colors

You can’t really go wrong when you choose monochromatic colors – they’re almost foolproof because they’re sure to coordinate. Variations of the same color can enhance a feeling of serenity and calm, therefore monochromatic color combinations are a great choice for a bedroom or a den – rooms where you want to create a relaxed and restful mood.

  • Aquamarine (9CC3D5FF) and Electric Blue (0063B2FF) can be either casual or sophisticated, depending on how you furnish and accessorize the room.
  • Brown Sugar (A07855FF) and Beige (D4B996FF) impart a cozy vibe and calm warmth that feels grounded and reassuring.
  • Cherry Tomato (ED2B22FF) and Rapture Rose (D85A7FFF) also provide a happy, modern sense of warmth.
  • Moss Green (97BC62FF) and Forest Green (2C5F2D) are lovely gentle greens that offer a sensation of being surrounded by nature, like a moody lush forest. 
  • Cool Gray (B1B3B3FF) and Gray (606060FF) offer up a classic vibe that can add cool sophistication to a room.
  • Powdered Sugar (F1F4FFFF) and Pearl White (FCF6F5FF) are a timeless fresh, crisp, and clean combination.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are next to one another on the color wheel. Examples would be green, blue, and purple or yellow, orange, and red. These are just some of the beautiful analogous colors that work well together:

  • Toffee (755139FF) and Copper Coin (B1624Eff) create a warm, inviting vibe that evokes calm and serenity.
  • Purple (3C1053FF) and Rose Pink (DF6589FF) offer a sense of luxury, creativity, and femininity.
  • Sky Blue (89ABE2FF) and Royal Purple (603F83FF) are analogous colors that impart an elegant and powerful combination.
  • Terrarium Moss (616247FF) and Mango Mojito (DAA03DFF) work to combine some of the same undertones of the yellowish moss green with a rich yellow-gold of the mango. These colors represent life, growth, and renewed energy.
  • Blush (F5C7B8FF) and Cantaloupe (FFA177FF) are warm soft tones that impart an inviting cozy vibe.
  • Scarlet Sage (A13941FF) and Inca Gold (BD7F37FF) combine to create a more intense version of blush and cantaloupe. They exude the glowing tones of a desert at sunset.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors evoke the strongest, most powerful emotions because they dramatically play off one another. These are the color combinations you’ll use when you want to bring excitement and drama to a room. However, they seem to work best when a secondary or tertiary color complements a primary. For example, a warm peach is a beautiful and exciting complement of sky blue as opposed to the harsher complements of emerald green and cherry red.  

If you want a room to pop with an intense edgy vibe, jewel-toned primary complementary colors, like the emerald green and cherry red previously mentioned, will vibrate when they play off each other. The effect can be harsh so be sure to paint test samples before you decide on primary color combinations. 

  • Ultimate Gray (949398FF) and Yellow (F4DF4EFF) creates a dramatic and unusual combination that can be used when you want to pull off a contemporary industrial vibe.
  • Living Coral (FC766AFF) and Pacific Coast (5B84B1FF) provide an energetic vibe that can also be calming.
  • Warm Sand (CDB599FF) and Turquoise (42EADDFF) will evoke a sense of exploring the wonders of a tropical beach.
  • Orchid (D198C5FF) and Cream Gold (E0C568FF) combine a cool violet that complements the warm and luxurious gold with an elegant outcome.
  • Sky Blue (89ABE3FF) and White (FCF6F5FF). Nothing is fresher or crisper than a beautiful sky blue complemented by a pure white. This is a color combination that stands the test of time and doesn’t get boring. Ideal for a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Pink Salt (FAD0C9FF) and Charcoal Gray (6E6E6DFF). Such a striking contrast, the playful pink says fun while the gray is grounded. This color combination is great for a feminine home office or teenager’s room.

Pro Tip:

Before you buy gallons of paint, purchase small color samples and brush them on your walls. The colors will look different on walls that get natural light compared to walls that are in shadow so be sure to paint your samples accordingly. When you take the time to paint out samples, you’ll not only save money from potential disappointments, but you’ll feel more confident about your choices.

Paint can transform a room when you combine colors that go well together. If you’d like to get that room painted sooner than later, a professional painter can have the job done in no time. Great Guys Painting can find an expert painter near you who is insured, licensed, and trustworthy. We vet all the pros in our network because we want to provide you with quality workmanship and great customer service, along with complimentary color consultation services. It’s easy to get started with a free quote.


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