Paint Color Consultation

Once you’ve made the decision to paint your home or commercial property, you’re faced with the tough decisions. What color palettes do I choose for the interior or exterior? I love a color I saw elsewhere…how do I match it? Luckily, many painting companies provide color consultation services, either online or in-person. With online color consulting, you send in a photo of the room you’re looking to paint or your exterior, and you’ll receive a custom color report with recommendations. Or in-person, a consultant will come to your property and work with you to visualize the possibilities and make the best color choices. 

Let the experts help you make the decisions you’ll be happy with for years to come. Find licensed, insured painting contractors in your area who offer color consultation services. Great Guys Painting makes the search process easy with free quotes from reliable, licensed contractors in just minutes!

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Paint Color Matching and Visualization Services 

While there are many apps that help you match paint colors or apply paint colors to a wall virtually, nothing beats the human touch. Many professional painting companies offer expert color matching and palette visualization as part of their services. 

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

Have you ever painted a wall, only to find that you liked it on the chip but not in your home or office? Color makes all the difference when it comes to evoking a feeling. Cool colors like blue and green can be calm and restful, while warm colors, such as red or orange, work well for creating energy. Color experts will look at the big picture—the style of your property, the color of your furniture, the purpose of the room—and make recommendations. Then, they’ll mix up samples for you to try in the shades of your choice. 

Matching Paint Colors

Maybe you have a paint color you love and need to match it for touch-ups? Or you’ve found an object in the exact hue you have in mind and want to replicate it on your walls? Painting companies can help in a variety of ways: providing lots of paint chips, recommending the best color matching apps, matching photos with a spectrophotometer (measuring the color’s wavelengths), or even applying the use of a handheld color matcher to break down the color’s exact makeup. Modern technology has come a long way and the experts know how to match any color precisely.

Paint Color Samples & Visualization

Many times, paint color can look great on the chip and in the can, but just does not work when it’s up on your walls. Visualization is a great service that helps you to actually see what the color you have in mind would look like in a particular room. Painting companies can take a photo of your room, digitally “paint” it with the color of your choice, and show you how it would appear in real life. Then, you can take some time to visualize living with it and decide whether it’s the right option for you or not.


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