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Vinyl siding is hugely popular for all kinds of homes because it’s durable, affordable, and generally low maintenance. Vinyl siding’s only downside is that it can become faded and tired looking over time. Luckily, the material can easily be painted with latex paint formulated for the outdoors. Professional painters will thoroughly clean the siding, prime it, and then cover it with at least two coats of paint. If done properly, your new paint job can last a good ten years or more. 

But, to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and stays on without peeling or cracking, you’ll want to make sure to hire licensed, insured painting contractors in your area who have experience painting vinyl siding. Great Guys Painting can take the hassle out of searching for qualified individuals or firms near you. Just one click will bring you free quotes from experts in the field in just minutes! 

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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? 

Many people assume that vinyl siding can’t be painted but that’s incorrect. Many years ago, vinyl siding did not handle new paint well. Paint wouldn’t stick to it properly, causing it to peel and crack. And the paint was too rigid, unable to breathe as the vinyl expanded and contracted with changes in temperature. 

But advances in paint technology have changed everything. Modern latex urethane paints are designed to stretch with the siding, especially in extreme weather. The only considerations that still pertain today are 1. Color: vinyl siding shouldn’t be painted a darker color than its original shade as the dark colors draw in more heat which may prove to be too much for the siding, causing it to warp. And 2. Weather: to get the best results, make sure your team is painting under the best possible weather conditions for your area (not too hot, humid, or windy).

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Vinyl Siding Painting Services

Painting contractors who specialize in painting vinyl siding will know all the ins and outs of working with the material. They can help advise you every step of the way so your freshly painted home turns out looking great. 

Paint Selection

Choosing the right type of paint is key when you’re painting vinyl siding. Choose the wrong type and it won’t adhere properly or last as long as it should and could even damage the panels. Painting contractors provide many services when it comes to paint selection. They will help advise on the right kind of paint that adheres to vinyl and expands and contracts with the weather. And they’ll provide counsel on the ideal shades for your vinyl siding refresh. There’s a range of colors specifically designed for vinyl siding that allows the material to perform optimally while looking fantastic.

Painting Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl window shutters take a beating from the sun and can look faded over time. You can choose to replace them, or, if they’re not cracked or warped, you can actually have them painted to look brand new. Pros will remove the shutters from the house and start by cleaning with soap and water and a stiff brush. Once they’re clean, the pros will sand the surface to help the paint adhere. If there’s old paint, they’ll scrape it off and use a bonding primer as a first coat. Finally, the painters will spray the shutters with two coats of vinyl safe paint. 

Painting Vinyl Siding

So, your vinyl siding has started to look chalky and blotchy. Yuck! You don’t have to go to the expense of replacing your siding, though, you can just have it painted. Painting vinyl siding is pretty much the same, procedurally, as painting any other type of siding—you just need to make sure to use paint specifically formulated for vinyl. Then the steps are the same: professional painting companies will prep the exterior by cleaning the siding, scraping any peeling paint and repairing damaged sections, masking the areas not to be painted, painting the siding, and stripping off the masking. 

How Professionals Prep and Paint Vinyl Siding

One of the appeals of vinyl siding is that it usually comes with the color of your choice already baked in. But, over time, that color can fade or become uneven, prompting you to want to have it re-finished. The good news is that vinyl siding can be re-painted by professionals, following a few easy steps.

1. Wait for good weather

Paint doesn’t adhere to vinyl siding well on overly hot or humid days, so you’ll probably want to wait until you have a nice, cool, even overcast couple of days to have your painting done. 

2. Choose the right paint

The key to successfully painting vinyl siding is picking the right paint. Latex urethane exterior paint works best with vinyl siding as it’s lightweight and hangs on well to the vinyl. Paint that’s not formulated for vinyl will not adhere properly and may peel off quickly. Older siding that’s become chalky or mildewy may need a primer coat before applying the paint. But newer siding shouldn’t need a primer at all. 

3. Pick the right color

When it comes to vinyl siding, color makes a big difference. Anything too dark will attract heat, potentially causing boards to warp and bend. Dark colors also show dirt more and will require extra cleaning and maintenance. With these considerations in mind, check out paint manufacturers who have broad selections of colors that are specifically designed to be safe for vinyl. Their advice is usually to stay with the same shade or lighter than your current color to protect your siding.

4. Clean and prep the siding

As with any painting job, the first step will be to clean the exterior. Your painters will scrub the siding with a cleaning solution like TSP (trisodium phosphate) to get rid of dirt, mildew, mold, and any other stuck-on debris. Then, they’ll rinse off the cleaner and remaining dirt with a garden hose or pressure washer. 

5. Scrape off loose paint

If the siding was painted before, the painters may need to scrape off loose paint, sand off tough spots, and then power wash the entire exterior to prep for painting.

6. Make any repairs

The cleaning process may reveal damage to your vinyl siding that you may not have noticed before. Types of damage can include cracks, holes, dents, or dings. Your painting pros will need to fix underlying problems before moving on. If the damage is extensive, they may have to replace an entire panel. Or if it’s smaller, it can be caulked or patched and then sanded.

7. Drop & mask

Before the actual painting begins, the painters will need to put down drop cloths and mask off anything you don’t want to get paint on. Sites to be masked include windows, doors, light fixtures, meters, or even cable dishes. Then, they’ll put drop cloths down to protect areas directly below the painting site such as decks, driveways, sidewalks, and hedges. The painters will move the drop cloths along with them as they go to ensure everything is adequately protected.

8. Paint

If the siding is older, the contractors may need to prime it with latex primer to ensure the paint will stick. If it’s newer, the more modern material will absorb the paint well and not necessarily require priming. Primer will be applied with a paint sprayer, rollers, and paintbrushes. With the roller and sprayer options, the painters will make sure to back brush—going over the painted areas with a brush to ensure good coverage and even out the coats. Once the primer’s dried, then the painting can begin. The crew will paint the surfaces utilizing the same process used during priming, applying two coats of vinyl safe paint. 

9. Clean up

After the paint has completely dried, the crew will remove the masking tape, plastic, and drop cloths. They will also carefully scrutinize the painting job and touch up any mistakes or missed spots. 

10. Maintenance

To ensure that your newly painted vinyl siding stays in good shape, make sure to wash it regularly to remove dirt, mildew and chalky build-up. Properly maintaining the siding will guarantee its longevity and prevent more serious damage down the road. Other than that, you’re good to go! Enjoy your home’s new curb appeal!!


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