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Over time, as careful as you might be, it’s inevitable that the drywall in your home will get damaged. Whether it’s a small ding or a large hole that requires substantial repair, it’s always advisable to hire an experienced pro to handle the job for you. Your home is your greatest asset and when it comes time to sell, you’ll want any and all repairs to have been done professionally. The smoother the surface, the better paint will go on and the prettier your rooms will look.

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Professional Drywall Patching and Repairs

Drywall damage can happen easily. Thankfully, it’s easy for a professional to patch and repair so you can hardly tell it ever existed. Make sure to hire a pro who can do the job right the first time, preventing further issues down the road.

Patching Holes and Nail Pops

Household accidents can smash big holes in your drywall. To fix, a contractor will cut a hole around the damage. They’ll cut a piece of wood to hold up the edges and glue it into place. Then, they’ll cut a new piece of drywall and affix it with fiberglass mesh drywall tape. This will be covered with joint compound, allowed to dry, sanded, and re-coated with compound. After drying and sanding, the spot can be primed and re-painted. Nails will occasionally pop out from drywall with lumber shrinkage. The nailhead will be cleaned, screwed flat again, covered with spackling, sanded, and painted. 

Water Damage and Moisture

Exposure to water and moisture can cause drywall great harm. Not only will its structural integrity be compromised, but it can also quickly become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Water-damaged drywall should be replaced as quickly as possible. If it’s only one area, it can be repaired by cutting out the damaged section, inserting wooden supports, cutting and inserting new drywall with clips, taping the new drywall into place and spackling, sanding and priming for re-painting. If the damage is more substantial, you may have to replace the entire sheet of drywall to prevent serious mold issues from developing. 


If you hear your walls creaking, it’s probably due to the natural expansion and settling of lumber that occurs with changing weather. This can cause hairline cracks to form in your drywall. Once you notice them, it’s a good idea to fix them as soon as possible to prevent spread. Experts will start by sanding the cracks down and vacuuming away the dust. Then, they’ll fill the cracks with joint compound, smoothing with a putty knife. They’ll let it dry, sand, apply a second coat, and sand again. To prevent the crack from reappearing, they’ll apply elastic crack cover-up before re-painting. 

Corner Bead

If you live in your home for a long time, it’s almost certain the corners of your walls will take some hits from flying toys, vacuum cleaners, or furniture moving. To fix crumbling corners where two sheets of drywall meet, a contractor will remove the damaged metal corner bead section with a hacksaw. They’ll pull the piece off the wall with a pry bar and then cut a new piece to cover the damaged section. It will be nailed into place with flathead screws, covered with several coats of joint compound, sanded between coats, primed, and then painted to match.


Once your drywall has been repaired, you have several refinishing options. If it’s beaten up from repairs, you can hire a contractor to skim coat the entire wall. This drywall finish is a thin coat of joint compound that is applied by roller or sprayer and leveled out. Skim coating will leave walls and ceilings smooth and ready to paint. Another option is to hide all imperfections by re-texturing the drywall. Knock-down retexturing can be done by applying joint compound to the wall in patterns. Or texture can be created by covering the wall with spray texture via an electric texture gun. 


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