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They say moving and divorce are two of the most stressful life events you’ll ever experience but moving doesn’t necessarily have to be so difficult (sorry, we can’t help you with divorce!). If you’re leaving a rental and need to repaint walls you painted or damaged, Great Guys Painting can take the burden off your shoulders by helping you find an affordable, top-quality painting company. Or if you’re a landlord looking to revamp your apartments for prospective tenants, we’re here for you as well.

Great Guys Painting will refer you to trusted painters who can handle any size job, from a single wall to dozens of apartment interiors. Take the guesswork out of finding reliable, licensed contractors in your area to do the job by visiting Great Guys Painting today. Just one click and you’ll have all the free quotes you need from licensed, insured painters to make an informed decision.

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Apartment Painting Services 

One of the keys to getting your security deposit back when moving out is to leave your soon-to-be-ex-apartment in pristine condition with clean, painted walls. Whether you’re a tenant moving on, or a landlord preparing for new tenants to move in, Great Guys Painting can help you take care of all your painting needs. 

For Tenants

Move Out Painting

When you’re moving out of a leased apartment, it is your responsibility to leave it in the same condition it was in when you arrived. You can handle small touch-ups yourself, provided you have touch-up paint, but if you have painted walls another color or there is serious damage you will need to hire a professional painter. 

Single Room 

Accent walls seem like a great decorating idea, but when it’s time to move out of a rented apartment, you will have to repaint those wall(s). Make sure all nail holes from hanging art are filled with spackle, sanded, and then repainted back to their original color. Landlords will typically charge you for any painting that needs to be done, taking the money from your security deposit. They will not necessarily go with the most affordable painter in town. Rather than wait to see how much you’ll have to pay in repainting fees, use Great Guys Painting to find local painters who can affordably handle repainting for you, whether it’s a single wall or a whole room. 

Entire Apartment

If you’re a heavy smoker or you’ve chosen to change all the wall colors in your apartment, you may find yourself needing to repaint the whole place when you move out. Rather than add to your moving stress, you’ll probably want to hire a professional apartment painting company to paint the walls, ceilings, and even trim. First, you’ll want to empty the apartment of all furniture and then spot clean the walls as needed. Then, the painters will come and have the place looking fantastic in no time!

For Landlords

Pre- and Post-Tenant Interior Painting

Tenants can be hard on apartments, causing major damage to the walls and trim over time due to kids, pets, accidents, etc. If you’re in a position where you need to prepare for new renters, i.e. you just bought a new-to-you rental property, or have to clean up after a messy tenant, Great Guys Painting can make your life easier. We’ll present you with free quotes from reliable, local painting contractors who can quickly and easily make your apartments fresh and appealing to new renters. 

Exterior Painting

If you’re the owner of a rental property you want it to look its best so you can command market price from tenants. Make sure it looks inviting and welcoming by freshly painting the interior and exterior of the building, including hallways and common areas. You will want prospective renters imagining themselves living in your property and soothing, relaxing paint colors can help them to make that decision. Great Guys Painting can recommend painters in your area that will make your property shine!


Make your apartment look new! Find professionals who have the skills to paint your walls, ceiling, and trim perfectly. Contact Great Guys Painting today to request free quotes from trustworthy, licensed apartment painting contractors in your area.

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