Do you think of white as a boring non-color? Think again! White paint, with its almost endless variation of shades, is a classic staple. An essential. A fundamental decorating ‘tool’. 

In color theory, white is actually considered an absence of color, but when it’s tinted with other colors, it takes on their subtle nuances. With a slight touch of blue, white can seem cool and icy. With a touch of red or yellow, white becomes warm with an inviting glow. 

It can be a bit overwhelming to select the right white because there are over 900 shades of white paint. Another reason why it’s so tricky is because white reflects surrounding light so will look different on the paint chip than it will on your walls. But don’t be stressed or overwhelmed – Great Guys Painting has done the legwork for you and has narrowed down 15 of the most popular white paint colors for 2023.

Most Popular White Paint Colors for 2023

  • Acadia White by Benjamin Moore

How can a paint manufacturer create a warm white without it feeling too pink or orange? Benjamin Moore has formulated Acadia White to be neutral and versatile enough to work with a range of palettes. 

  • Ivory White by Benjamin Moore

You can probably guess that Ivory White is a soft creamy white that tends to the warm side. It’s beautiful in a bedroom or sitting room.

  • Linen White by Benjamin Moore

Another warm white, much like Ivory White, Linen White is inviting and cozy while also being fresh and light. It looks beautiful on walls when trim is painted a cooler white.

  • Super White by Benjamin Moore

Crisp, fresh, clean, and white-white, Super White is about as close to pure white as possible.

  • Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore

Considered a classic, Decorator’s White works just as well on the walls of a traditional home as it does a modern one. Warm, but still bright and fresh, this white doesn’t have a yellow tint so it’s completely versatile. Decorator’s White is terrific in semi gloss or satin for trim or flat on ceilings and walls.

  • Simply White by Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a true white, you’ll be pleased with Simply White. It’s a well-balanced neutral white that isn’t too cool or too warm – just right as Goldilocks would say. Because of its clarity, it’s a wonderful white for walls, ceilings, cabinets, and trims.

  • Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Some whites tend to be cold and sterile but Chantilly Lace gives off a welcoming bright and warm vibe with ever so slight gray and blue undertones. 

  • Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

Another white that works well for both period and modern spaces, Cloud White has an ever so slight hint of warmth. Even with its subtle yellow undertone, it remains crisp and fresh. Cloud White provides an ideal backdrop for warmer textures and furnishings.  

  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore

As its name implies, White Dove is a soft white that imparts warmth without tones of yellow. White Dove is a favorite of designers because it works in any space with all types of light and furnishings. Whether a classic backdrop or to add some serenity to a modern space, White Dove is a beautiful classic go-to white.

  • Extra White by Sherwin Williams

If you’re looking for a crisp, clean white, with a slight touch of gray, Extra White gives off a brightness that looks just right even on an overcast day. This is a good choice for kitchens and family rooms where you spend most of your time. Extra White is also a great choice as a trim for woodwork.

  • Ethereal White by Sherwin Williams

The elegance and relaxed serenity that Ethereal White evokes in a room is what makes it such a popular white. It provides a beautiful backdrop for a wide range of colors but stands well on its own. It’s a great choice for walls that get a lot of natural strong light.

  • High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams

It doesn’t get much whiter than High Reflective White. It’s a pure white that’s a great choice for modern spaces.

  • Strong White by Farrow & Bell

With a slight touch of gray, this solid white isn’t too bright and is beautiful on trims and moldings. But it’s also a perfect backdrop for artwork, paintings, and prints.

  • All White by Farrow & Bell

This is a clean, fresh white that is sufficiently versatile to work in any space in your home. It has an ideal balance between depth and softness.

  • Blackened by Farrow & Bell

The name Blackened comes from the fact that this white is one of the coolest whites that Farrow & Bell formulates. It has a very slight touch of gray that imparts a softness and depth to walls.

Understand How White Walls Reflect Light

Neuroscience has documented the physiological effects that color has on our behavior. It’s proven that we can feel cold when we see something cold, or feel warm when we see something hot. Therefore, the ways that paint reflects light will reflect how you feel.

  • North-facing walls and walls that don’t get direct sunlight, receive a grayish-blue light. A clear white paint with warm undertones will offset the coolness.The warm color undertones mimic the heat of sunlight and can increase blood pressure and a positive vibe. 
  • South-facing rooms get the most sunlight during the day. When walls are painted with white paint containing cool undertones like greens and blues, the intense reflective quality can be toned down and reduced, imparting a cooling vibe to the room.
  • White paint reflects the colors that surround it. For example:
    • If white walls are underscored by green carpet, the green will reflect onto the walls, giving the sensation that the white walls are greenish.
    • If white walls surround a window that looks out onto a brick building, the white walls can reflect the brick color and will tend to look warm-toned.

Now that you know which are the hottest (or coolest!) white paint colors for 2023, how will you choose a favorite? The easiest way to narrow down your choices will be by deciding whether you want the room to have a warm, inviting vibe; a sense of coolness; or a clear, fresh neutral sense. Then, once you’ve decided, buy actual samples, not just little chips, and paint two coats on your wall. Notice how the color looks (and changes) in natural morning and afternoon light, and at night under artificial lighting.

Choosing the right white paint for 2023 is a very personal choice that only you can make. But you don’t have to do all the work. A professional painter will be able to help you with paint color consulting and efficiently complete an expert job that you’ll be delighted with. Great Guys Painting carefully vets all the pros in our network to make sure they’re licensed, insured, and completely reputable. All you have to do to find a pro you can trust is ask for a free quote and then Great Guys Painting will connect you with a professional painter near you who will make your walls clean, bright, and white for 2023!


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